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Tuina & Massage

Tuina is a Chinese Remedial Massage that forms one of the 4 branches of Chinese Medicine, along with Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Herbs. Generally performed over clothes or through a piece of cloth Tuina uses techniques based on principles of moving and nourishing the energy of the body and is an incredible therapy in its own right. It can be used to treat not only injuries and sore muscles, but also other physical issues by working with the energy of the body as well as the musculature.

Combining Tuina techniques with extensive training in other forms of massage has left Victoria with a wide and varied range of massage and therapeutic techniques that can be used to great effect to ease tension and stress, aiding relaxation and supporting the body's natural healing process.

Massage can be used as a whole treatment in itself or as an adjunctive therapy to acupuncture and this is a decision that will be made after a discussion between you and Victoria about what you need at each treatment.